Dr. Sahara, SP, M.Si

Nama : Dr. Sahara, SP, M.Si
NIP/NIDN : 197405131999032001  / –
Pendidikan : S1 : Agricultural Economics, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Indonesia, 1994-1998
S2 : Agricultural Economics, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Indonesia, 2000-2003
S3 : Food Policy and Business, University of Adelaide, Australia 2008-2012
E-Mail : Sahara_ipb@yahoo.com
Kepakaran : Food Policy (market transformation, governance structure, value and supply chain)


Mata Kuliah yang diampu:

1.       Introduction Economics (S1)
2.       Microeconomics I (S1)
3.       Macroeconomics I (S1)
4.       Microeconomics II (S1)
5.       Regional and Urban Economics (S1)
6.       Agricultural Marketing (S2, S3)
7.       Managerial Economics (S2)


Penelitian 5 Tahun Terakhir:

No Tahun Judul Penelitian
1. 2014 Economic Part of the Feasibility Study for the Upgrading of the Postal Savings/Banking System in Indonesi
2. 2014 Improving Small Farmer Participation in Supermarket Channels: Perceptions of Supermarket Buyers
3. 2014 Early Warning System, Bank Ranking and Insured Deposit in Indonesia
4. 2014 Consumer satisfaction on services provided by Ministry of Finance
5. 2014 Potential demand and market share of micro credit of Waroeng bjb  in West Java, Banten and DKI Jakarta
6. 2014 Supply chain of cacao and rice under IFAD and Non-IFAD project
7. 2014 Supporting capacity building for research on improving market integration for high value fruit and vegetable systems in Indonesia
8. 2013 Support To Bappenas on Financial Inclution
9. 2013 Studi Kelayakan Pusat Perkantoran Kab Mahakam Ulu
10. 2013 Survei Opini Kepuasana Pelanggan (pengguna Jasa) Dilingkungan Kementerian Keuangan RI
11. 2013 penyusunan kajian ilmiah mengenai Revisi Permantan No 26/2007
12. 2013 Public stock holdings of stapple food in Indonesia
13. 2013 Academic paper of land constraint on palm oil sector in Indonesia
14. 2013 Study of factors determining Billing Rate of consultant
15. 2013 Feasibility study of government office center in Mahakam Ulu District, East Kalimantan Province
16. 2013 Green Prosperity
17. 2013 Financial Inclusion (PNPM)
18. 2012 Markets for high-value commodities in Indonesia: promoting competitiveness and inclusiveness”
19. 2007 The Impact of Economic Crisis on  the Indonesian Manufacture Industry
20. 2007 The Performance of the Indonesian Manufacture Industry
21. 2007 Constructing a Regional Planning Model Based on the Key Sectors.
22. 2007 Constructing a Regional Computable General Equilibrium to Evaluate National and Local Economy Performance in Indonesia.


Publikasi 5 Tahun Terakhir:

No. Tahun Judul Publikasi
1. 2014 Sahara, Amos Gyau; Contractual Arrangements and Commitment in the Indonesian Supermarket Channel; British Food Journal emerald Group Publishing.; No.ISSN: 0007-070X; Vol.116; No.05; 2014; Hal.765-779
2. 2013 Sahara, Bagus Wicaksena; Asymmetry in Farm-Retail Price Transmission : The Case of Chili Industry In Indonesia; Jurnal Ekonomi dan Kebijakan Pembangunan

Ikatan Sarjana Ekonomi Indonesia; No.ISSN: 1979-5149; Vol.02; No.01; Juli; 2013; Hal.1-13

3. 2013 Sahara; Pasar Ritel Modern, Agenda Kebijakan Pangan, dan Dampaknya Terhadap Petani Kecil : Suatu Pembelajaran Bagi Indonesia; Ekonomi & Manajemen Ketahanan Pangan

Orange Book V

IPB Press; No.ISBN: 978-979-493-576-7; Desember; 2013; Hal.181-195

4. 2013 Characteristics of Chili Farmers in the Traditional and Supermarket Channels (High Value Agriculture Working Paper. International Food Policy Research Institute IFPRI Working Paper7)
5. 2013 Determinants Of Small-Scale Farmer Participation in Supermarket Channels and Impact on Hourse Hold Income: Evidence Form Indonesia (High Value Agriculture Working Paper. Interna tional Food Policy Research Institute IFPRI Working Paper8)
6. 2013 Dahri Tanjung, Parulian Hutagaol, Sahara, Eka Puspitawati, Adi Firmansyah; Publik Perception Tentang Kentang Biotek Tahan Busuk Daun; Laporan; Maret; 2013; Hal.1-110
7. 2011 Sahara, Gyau, Amos Stringer, Randi Umberger, Wendy J; Farmer-Trader Relationship in The Indonesian Chilli Markets : The Role of Relationship Quality in Modern and Traditional Supply Chains; Autralian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (AARES) 55th Annual Conference; Februari; 2011; Hal.1-35
8. 2007 Sahara. 2007. The Impact an Increasing Electricity Tariff on Indonesian Agriculture Sector in the Long Run and Short Run. “Caraka Tani” Journal, Vol XXII No 1, March 2007; Page 36-41.



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